Eurotorg snapshot

Undisputed market leader which has an effective and proven business model
  • The largest private company in Belarus1. The leading grocery retail chain.
  • The undisputed leader in the Belarusian grocery retail market by any possible measure of comparison: whether market share, number of stores, selling space, geographical coverage, brand awareness or customer loyalty.
  • The only nationwide scale retailer with presence in 355 cities and towns2, and the only operator of modern retail formats in more than 180 of them.
  • Major contributor to national food security, accounting for up to 40% of total food sales nationwide in some major product categories (fruits, cereals, edible oils, etc.).
No. 1

retailer in Belarus


larger than #2 player


of population visit our stores on a daily basis


number of grocery stores2

Credible partner for international investors
  • Еurotorg is the first and the only Belarusian corporate Eurobond issuer, as well as the first ever Belarusian non-financial company to receive international credit ratings.
  • In 2018, the first Eurobond issue was named “Most Impressive Debut Issuer in Emerging Markets” by GlobalCapital, a leading news, opinion and data service covering international capital markets.
  • Spotless reputation: over half of investors who showed interest in the new Eurobond issue in October, 2020 were holders of the Company’s first Eurobond issue.
  • Eurotorg’s credit profile is stable: Fitch and S&P Global Ratings have been assigning global scale long-term ratings to the Company since 2017. In December 2022 S&P Global Ratings withdraws Eurotorg’s credit ratings at the Сompany's request .
USD 350 mn (redeemed in 2020)

size of the country’s first ever corporate Eurobond issue

USD 300 mn

new Eurobond issue aimed at early redemption of the first issue


corporate ratings in 2023

The first non-Russian company which placed RUB bonds
  • In 2019, the Company successfully placed two bond issues totalling RUB 10 bn and signed a RUB 3.5 bn syndicated loan facility agreement with the key Russian banks. Eurotorg RUB bond named “debut of the year” at Cbonds Awards.
  • In 2019, Eurotorg became the first non-Russian company to be assigned a credit rating by a Russian credit ratings agency.
  • In 1H 2020, a Eurotorg’s multi-currency bond programme was registered on Moscow Exchange.
  • At the beginning of 2021, the Company continued to implement its strategy of proactive debt portfolio management and successfully placed a new RUB-bond issue.
RUB 10 bn

total size of the debut issue of RUB bonds

RUB 5 bn

first tranche under Eurotorg’s multi-currency bond programme

RUB 3.5 bn

new issue of RUB bonds, 2021

RuА-/ByAAA (Expert RA)

corporate rating in 2023

1) by number of employees in 2019
2) as of 30 June 2023