Eurotorg won gold medal in consumer category “Hypermarkets” for “Brand of the Year Award”

On 25 January Minsk hosted the awarding ceremony for the winners of the professional competition “BRAND OF THE YEAR-2018” (the only professional marketing and branding competition in Belarus). The winners were identified during the nationwide consumer survey concerning brand awareness and consumer preference.

Eurotorg was named number one hypermarkets retail chain and therefore confirmed its leadership among the large formats in Belarus. In addition, Eurotorg was awarded the title “Best digital brand: video” and that was the second time following the previous year achievement.

The gold medal of “BRAND OF THE YEAR” was not the first time Eurotorg recognition in professional competitions in 2018. Eurotorg took the lead in 6 categories of the international festival-competition “Choice of the Year-2018” and was named the best retail chain at the “National Brand Award” competition.

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