Eurotorg snapshot

Undisputed market leader
  • The largest private company in Belarus1).
  • Market leading retailer, five times larger than the No. 2 player by sales.
  • Eurotorg operates in 297 cities and towns, being the only operator of modern retail formats in ~150 of them.
  • The Company contributes greatly to the national food security accounting for up to 40% of total Belarus’ food sales in some major product categories (fruits, cereals, edible oils, etc.).
No. 1

food retailer in Belarus


number of grocery stores, as of 31 December 2018


number of suppliers

Multiformat retailer with an effective and proven business model
  • Winning business model based on (1) price leadership, (2) a focused assortment, (3) strong brand and (4) an advanced retail infrastructure.
  • Focused assortment of high turnover products and a diversified format strategy well-tuned to day-to-day customers’ needs.
  • Own nationwide logistics network (unparalleled among peers in Belarus) and a modern truck fleet.
  • Highly efficient e-commerce business: which is one of the largest online grocery in the Eastern Europe and recently launched
4 store formats

from convenience stores to hypermarkets

>90k sqm

storage area of Company’s DCs

3.6 mn

online orders in 2018

Credible partner for international investors
  • One of the first companies in Belarus to have raised long-term funding from the EBRD, a landmark international investor.
  • Eurotorg is the first ever Belarusian non-financial company which received international credit ratings (on par with the sovereign rating at the time of assignment).
  • Eurotorg is the first ever Belarusian corporate Eurobond issuer.
USD 350 mn

size of the country’s first ever corporate Eurobond issue


corporate ratings assigned in 2018

1) by number of employees in 2017