Eurotorg comments on recent speculation regarding possible IPO

Following recent speculation in the media and social media channels regarding a possible IPO of the Company, Eurotorg notes that it is not currently in the process of seeking to become a public company. Shareholders and management have not returned to the issue following the postponement of its proposed IPO in 2018. However, the Company is open to the possibility of reviving IPO preparations provided that market conditions are favourable.

Eurotorg is currently also not in the process of undertaking any M&A activity and has no plans to issue bonds on international capital markets.

For reliable information regarding Eurotorg's activities please refer to the Company's website for investors (ir.eurotorg.by).

As an established issuer of securities on international capital markets Eurotorg regularly updates the markets on its activities and maintains active communications with the global investment community. On 23 September, the Company presented its 1H IFRS financial and operational results to investors with a Q&A session at the J.P.Morgan Emerging Markets Credit Conference.

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