Why Belarus’ Eurotorg Remains ‘One To Watch’ In Eastern Europe: Analysis

European Supermarkets Magazine

European Supermarkets Magazine, the leading magazine covering the industry across the continent, on 12 February published its analytical review of the Company's operating results in 2017.

The article highlights “the progress that the retailer has made in the past year, both in terms of growing its portfolio and embracing new formats”. In 2017 the Company increased the number of its stores to 500 with 278.5 ths sqm of total selling space. Among the key corporate events ESM named the launch of a new “soft discounter” format under “Brusnichka” brand characterized by focused range of high-turnover products in the low and medium price segments, and more aggressive price positioning with a lack of price promotions combined by strong price-leadership communication.

“The launch of Brusnichka further underlines why Eurotorg remains ‘one to watch’ in the nascent Eastern European grocery sector”, - the article said.

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