Drogerie business

Magia is a chain of drogerie stores launched by the Group in January 2018, focusing on non-food items such as detergents and cleaning goods, beauty and perfume, personal care and household goods. Low market penetration and structural fragmentation underpin Eurotorg’s growth potential in the drogerie segment.

Magia stores are being rolled out at selected locations adjacent to existing grocery stores or transport hubs to benefit from the Group’s high customer traffic and customer knowledge, use of loyalty cards and existing infrastructure such as logistics, IT and HR. This strategy and a high level of market fragmentation allowed Magia in just one year to become the 3rd largest market player by number of stores.

Operating highlights1:

  • 100 drogerie stores opened since launch in early 2018

  • 17.3 ths sqm total selling space

  • 49 localities covered in Belarus

  • 100% non-food assortment

1) As of 31.12.2018.